CEO's Message

CEO's Message

The International Institute for Professional Development (IIPD), began its journey on the 20th of July 2006 in the name of International Centre for Career Development (ICCD). The journey began with 19 students, two classrooms with one permanent faculty (the co-founder) and two part time lecturers. With the approval of a few certificate courses by Maldivian Qualifications Authority (MQA), Cambridge International Diploma in Business and English Language courses ICCD had started to grow.

Future Leader Programme

The Future Leader Programme is the brain child of Ahmed Mottaki who was a cofounder of the Institute. Mr. Mottaki was a business teacher by profession and a faculty head of Aminiya School, a top notch school owned by the Ministry of Education in Maldives. Mr. Mottaki was thinking something different. He felt that the nation will greatly benefit if there is a children’s programme where children could enhance leadership skills. He started participating in leadership seminars, reading books, meeting leaders and reading philosophy of the leaders and the traits of great leaders. After studying and researching a lot, he introduced a programme called Future Leader Programme in 2008 where children, learn leadership skills, work in groups, enjoy activities, are able to overcome their inner fears, build confidence and many more. The programme has been very popular in Maldives. Parents from many other countries showed interest for their kids to participate in this programme. With the success of this programme, ICCD became very popular in the community.

International Recognition and Expansion of the Institute

ICCD has been adding value to its programmes. It obtained the license to run the International Supply Chain Management by International Trade Centre (ITC) , a technical organization of the United Nations. By obtaining the license, ICCD got international recognition and the opportunity and invitations to participate in international events.


A pre-school teacher training course named as Early Childhood Education was introduced by ICCD and it became very popular. As the student population increased so did the faculty and in 2009, ICCD campus was moved to a bigger campus and the name ICCD was changed to International Institute for Professional Development or IIPD. Similar to ICCD, IIPD too is under the company Mianz Pvt. Ltd. The name of IIPD was approved by Margareta Funder, the Manager of ITC, It is no more a career development centre as it became Professional Development Institute. IIPD became a Franchise of the largest training company in India the Aptech Computer Education. With this, IIPD opened another campus for IT education in Male’. IIPD has more than 700 students with over 30 staff. There are part time local teachers too. IIPD has been trying to start a preschool programme and has already partnered with International Preschools in four countries. International preschool program is run by a Florida, USA based company. It has many branches throughout the world. The motto of IIPD is “Inspiring Excellence”. IIPD remains with education and training. The long term mission is to establish a dream university where it will groom the students to make great leaders, entrepreneurs, a complete human being who will be ready to contribute to the community and the world. IIPD will become global soon, It will start with its pre-school and Future Leader Program. It focuses the countries in South and East Asia and in East Africa.

Our Campus

Henveiru Campus.
H. Sakeena Manzil
3rd Floor,
Medhuziyaraih Magu,
3341545, 3343996

Galolhu Campus.
Ground & 1st Floor
Lonuziyaraih Magu,
3341535, 3341536