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08th March 2014.


Mianz Pvt. Ltd.’s IIPD has become an Approved Centre of City & Guilds of UK in the Maldives. The official Approved Centre document to IIPD was handed over on 8th March by the Regional Director of South Asia Mr. Mufthy Hashim, in an official visit to Male’ made by Mr. Hashim for this purpose. On behalf of IIPD, the document was accepted by the Principal Mr. Hassan Nizam.

The City and Guilds of London Institute (City & Guilds) is a vocational education organisation in the United Kingdom, offering more than 500 qualifications over the whole range of industry sectors through 8500 colleges and training providers in 81 countries worldwide. Two million people every year start City & Guilds qualifications, which span all levels from basic skills to the highest standards of professional achievement (Honours, Master and Doctorate levels equivalent).

The president of City and Guilds is Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, the daughter of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. City and Guilds is an Institute that has a history of more than a century. It was founded in 1878.


17th - 22nd November 2013.


A group of 37 students who are doing Diploma in Early Childhood Education from IIPD have concluded a five-day study tour in Sri Lanka. This was the first study tour undertaken by early childhood trainee teachers of IIPD.

The study tour was held from November 17-22, 2013 and the purpose of this activity was to deepen the knowledge and skills of the early childhood trainee teachers. In this regard, the students visited three preschools in Kandy, namely Gateway International School, Kandy Grammar School and Al Imran International School. They also visited classrooms for observation and interacted with the early childhood educators and students.

One of the highlights of the study tour was an information session held on November 19th, at the students' residence, by Madam Hazeera Jawhar, the Principal of Al Imran International School. She highlighted on what makes folk tales easy for language teaching and gave wonderful tips for story telling in classrooms. Through the insightful session, the students realized the importance of folk tales in developing children's language and the power of stories.

After staying in Kandy for the first three days, the students returned to Colombo and visited the Ladies College where early childhood education courses are also run. There was a good exchange of ideas and experiences between the students of Ladies College and the students of IIPD.

In summary, the study tour offered experiential encounter with teachers from different schools and helped to understand the pedagogical approaches used in preschools. It was a good initiative from IIPD which broadened the trainee teachers’ thinking about teaching in early childhood classrooms. Apart from this, the students experienced life in a different society and have fond memories from the tour that would remain forever.

By participants of the study tour 2013


24th November 2013.


IIPD’s principal Mr. Hassan Nizam and Head of Department of the Faculty of Education Ms. Aminath Mufeed were interviewed live on TVM’s morning show yesterday (24th Nov). The Principal and HOD spoke about the courses offered at the Institute, the facilities available and the activities held to mould the students and make them responsible. They also highlighted upcoming courses that are going to be newly offered by IIPD, notably Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Diploma in Primary Teaching.


5th October 2013.


IIPD proudly announces a Blood Donation Camp held on Saturday 5th October, to coincide with this year’s Teachers’ Day. It is in IIPD’s mission to prepare socially conscious students and the Institute held this camp not only to support the mission but also to help those who are constantly in need of blood, specially those who are affected with thalassaemia. The camp was held from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Including students and outsiders, a total of 31 donated blood for the camp. The Management of IIPD sincerely thanks those students in the Students Association who organized the camp and those who donated blood.


5th October 2013. G.Ufriya.


A special function was held at 1030 am on Saturday 5th October to mark this year’s Teachers’ Day at IIPD. The function which was held at IIPD’s Galolhu Campus was attended by all full time Lecturers and some part time Lecturers. The members of the Senior Management spoke briefly, thanking the Lecturers for their valuable contributions to the Institute. Gifts and certificates were given away to the Lecturers by the members of the SMT. The Principal Mr. Nizam cut a cake to mark the occasion.


5th October 2013. Maafannu Madharusa.


The principal of IIPD Mr. Hassan Nizam was invited as Chief Guest to celebrate the Teachers’ Day celebrations at Maafannu Madharusa. The school was very colourfully decorated for this function and all the teachers, students and some parents were there for the function. Mr. Nizam gave a speech on the occasion. He thanked the teachers for the hard work they do and asked them to always progress and improve in their chosen field. Mr. Nizam also cut the cake for the occasion.


7th July 2013. G.Ufriya.


IIPD is honoured to host the former Prime Minister of Nepal, Honourable Kr. Madhav Kumar and Madam Gayathri Nepal. The Honourable couple was accompanied by the Prime Minister’s advisor and his family. The former PM of Nepal (and his team) visited Maldives and IIPD as he is a close friend of IIPD’s CEO Mr. Ahmed Mottaki.

Lecture on topic "Population vs. Resources"
by Mr. Hassan Nizam.

29th August 2013. Social Center.


The Principal Mr. Hassan Nizam has given a very interesting and enlightening lecture for all students studying in the Faculty of Management and Business. It was delivered at the Social Centre on the night of 29th August. The lecture entitled ‘Population vs. Resources’ focused on the problems that the majority of the countries are facing due to over population, with special emphasis on the Maldives. It was attended by the Chief Executive, Management Lecturers and all the students of different batches excluding one batch that was doing an exam that night.

IIPD has expanded the Institute’s courses to
one of the southern most atolls - Fuvahmulah.
12th May 2013. Gn. Atoll Education Centre.


IIPD has expanded the Institute’s courses to one of the southern most atolls - Fuvahmulah. IIPD’s well-known Early Childhood Education (ECE) Diploma course was inaugurated at Gn. Atoll Education Centre on 12th May 2013.

The chief guest of the inauguration ceremony Mr. Hassan Zareer, the principal of Fuvahmulah School and Mr.Abdulla Rasheed mentioned in his speech that it is a great opportunity for the people of Fuvahmulah. He has agreed to support and coordinate with instructors.

The CEO of IIPD Mr. Ahmed Mottaki expressed his gratitude to the principal, Mr.Abdulla Rasheed for supporting IIPD’s students. He also ensured in speech that IIPD make sure the quality of course is maintained always.

Ms. Aminath Mufeed, the HOD of ECE department was present, and she will be there for a week to meet the students and lecturers in orientation.

There were invitees like Principal of Hafeez Ahmed School and the teachers and prospective students of ECE course.

It was a very colourful program organized by Fuvahmulah Focal point Mr. Ali Ahmed and Assistant Mr. Maliku Ahmed


30th April 2013. Social Center


The Management of IIPD warmly welcome the latest batches of students who had joined IIPD.

More than 100 new students attended the orientation programme held at the Social Centre on 30th April 2013. These are students who had joined IIPD’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) courses. Most students had enrolled in the Diploma in ECE.

The orientation was attended by the Principal Mr. Hassan Nizam, Vice Principal Mr. Mony Murugadhas and Coordinator and Head of ECE Department Ms. Aminath Mufeed.



Professional Development Workshops
18th April 2013. Billabong High.


IIPD is offering Professional Development workshops to school teachers, including teachers of Male’ and the Atolls. The workshops with themes such as Interactive Teaching/Learning, Assessment, Use of Technology in the Classrooms, etc. are conducted by the Fulbright Scholar and the Associate Professor of the School of Education and Counselling Psychology, Dominican University of California, USA, Dr. Suresh Appavoo. Dr. Appavoo has conducted the first of these works for the secondary teachers of Billabong High on 18th April.

12th April 2013. Social Center


IIPD participated in the Inter-College football tournament organized by MNU known as MNUSU Football Fiesta 2013. IIPD football team named as “IIPD Blues” played extremely well in the tournament beating every team that challenged them.

However in the final match between IIPD and the Faculty of Management and Computing (FMC), as both teams have equal points at the end of the playing time, they went for a penalty shootout and FMC won with a difference of just one penalty. Hence, FMC became the Champion but IIPD wasn’t far behind as Runner-up.

Even though we became the Runner-up, it was a huge success for IIPD as we were able to very efficiently and with a vast difference beat every team that we were set up against. To celebrate their success, IIPD held a ceremony at the Social Centre on 12th April 2013. In this colourful ceremony, Certificate of Achievement were awarded to IIPD Blues by the Management of IIPD. The CEO Mr. Ahmed Mottaki, the Principal Mr. Hassan Nizam, the Faculty and staff, IIPD Blues Team and senior students were took part in the ceremony.

Speaking at the Function, Mr. Nizam praised the IIPD Blues for playing so well and for their energy and enthusiasm and bringing such glory to IIPD. He also praised the players of the IIPD Netball Team who beat all the Colleges in the Inter-college Netball Tournament and became the Champion Team. He said he is very proud of his students for all they were doing for the Institute.

Student Mohamed Naif spoke on behalf of IIPD Blues. He said that without a coach, his team has done extremely well and he thanked the Management for the support and encouragement they have lent to him and the team.

To celebrate their success, the ceremony ended with the traditional food of celebration – ‘bondibaiy’ and chicken.

Inter College Net Ball Champions
23rd October 2012. Galolhu Campus.


IIPD participated in the Inter College Net Ball tournament and won the Championship.

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